From time to time, issues related to the ongoing cultural dialogue on science and religion will come out in the public discussion. The participants in the SOCNA project may wish to comment and respond to the issues raised in a particular instance. This page will provide links to the original topic of discussion as well as to the responses from the SOCNA contributors.


"Russia Church wants end to Darwin school 'monopoly' "
Article by Conor Humphries — Reuters — June 9, 2010

"Free Will in Biology"
Article by Anthony R. Cashmore — Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences — January 12, 2010


Has biology disproved free will and moral responsibility?
Article by Henrik Anckarsäter — Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences — June 21, 2010

"The New War Between Science and Religion"
Article by Mano Singham — Chronicle of Higher Education — May 9, 2010


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