On Special Moments in Orthodoxy, taped at this years OCAMPR Conference, Dr. Daniel Buxhoeveden, a professor of anthropology at the University of South Carolina, compares conception with the study of anthropology. In history, we can actually understand when human beings arrive on the scene by studying their inherent spiritual nature. This emergence of humanity in the development of the world serves as an allegory for our understanding of conception.

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Daniel Miles speaks with Dr. Gayle E. Woloshak: Science and the Church


Daniel Miles speaks with Dr. Timothy Patitsas: Existence of the Soul and Body


Interview with Dr. Michael Christakis: Strengthening OCAMPR's role


Science and the Eastern Orthodox Church explores core theological and philosophical notions and contentious topics such as evolution from the vantage point of science, Orthodox theology, and the writings of popular recent Orthodox critics as well as supporters.

Examining what science is and why Eastern Orthodox Christians should be concerned about the topic, including a look at well known 20th century figures that are considered holy elders or saints in the Orthodox Church and their relationship and thoughts about science, contributors analyse the historical

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New Link Added!

We have added a link to St Andrew's Biblical Theological Institute
in Moscow, Russia. www.standrews.ru 
They have a section that engages in Religion and Science dialogue at the international level.  The director, Dr. Bodrov, is a leading scholar on religion and science dialogue.  In addition to publications and conferences, they also run a summer institute on religion (theology) and science.  Dr. Nesteruk,  a professor at the University of Portsmouth, England, is also a visiting faculty member of the Institute.  He is a physicist and author of two major works on Orthodoxy and science, “Light from the East: Theology, Science and the Eastern Orthodox Tradition”, and “ The Universe as Communion: Towards a Neo-Patristic Synthesis of Theology and Science”. 

St.  Andrew's Biblical Theological Institute
Jerusalem St. 3, Moscow, 109316, Russia
Tel/fax: +7 495 6702200, 6707644
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